Product Development

Are you an industry leader wanting to decrease your project’s time to market? A startup company with a vision? An individual with an idea? Our team at Remedy Medical LLC experience designing and developing custom instruments, implants, and complete product sets. We are dedicated to helping you move your ideas further, faster.

Project Initiation

We want to ensure that your ideas remain your ideas. When you decide we are the right fit for you, we ensure the proper non-disclosure agreements are in place to protect your ideas.

surgical device product development initiation

Project Definition

The next step in our design process is to meet with you to ensure a clear understanding of the project scope. Your initial idea will act as the springboard for our design process. Therefore, we want to take time to clearly identify the key aspects of your idea. If meeting directly is difficult to fit in to your busy schedule, we use a variety of collaborative tools such as GoToMeeting to host an online conference. This enables us to share our computer screen and software to effectively present the information necessary. We believe communication is essential for the success of the project. Therefore, we will be sure that clear and direct lines of communication are always open to keep the project moving further, faster.

surgical device product development conceptual stage

Conceptual Design Generation

Conceptual design generation is where your idea begins to take shape. We will take your idea and generate solutions sets for the design until we get it right. The outcome from this step may show itself in several different forms depending on the project scope. One such form is a 3-D model. We utilize the latest software in 3-D computer aided design such as PTC Creo and SolidWorks to help solve the functionality and the look of the design. We have skilled team of engineers and designers who are able to generate designs as well as 3-D models quickly and efficiently.


Design Review

We want to make sure you remain the lead on your own project. This means keeping you well informed on the progress that is being made. Design reviews come in several different forms. It may simply be an email containing an e-assembly or 3-D pdf that allows you to review the design on your own time and contact us with your input. Or it may be a web-hosted GoToMeeting that allows us to present the design straight from our computer software, giving you a 360° interactive look at the design. Design reviews are integrated into our design process in such a way that ensures that you are satisfied with the direction your project is going.

Proof of Concept

Though 3-D computer aided design software allows you to get a 360° perspective, sometimes that may be not be enough. We utilize the latest technology in rapid prototyping such as Stereolithography (SLA) and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3-D printers. This is a lower cost, faster method to proving out the physical feel of a product as compared to standard machined prototypes. However, a fully functional prototype may be necessary to fully conclude the design. We will help coordinate the prototyping of your product, making sure all the appropriate manufacturing prints and models are complete and that the manufacturer has all necessary information to complete an accurate prototype.

Design Transfer

We want you to be satisfied through every stage of the product development process. This includes making sure you end up with all the pieces of your project. We will make sure we equip you with all manufacturing prints and models as well as any other supporting files that relate to your project. We pride ourselves in doing exceptional work from start to finish and the way we leave a project is just as important to us as the way in which we entered.